Goals and Needs of Landowners in Central Nova Scotia

Thank you for participating in this survey of forest landowners in central Nova Scotia. The purpose is to learn more about what landowners need to achieve their personal goals for forest ownership. We will use the information to explore new ways to deliver services and support to family forest owners in the region.

The survey was created by Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association of Truro (a non-profit society) in partnership with three member-owned cooperatives of forest landowners: Athol Forestry Cooperative Ltd. of Amherst, Conform Ltd. of Middle Musquodoboit, and North Nova Forest Owners Co-operative Ltd. of Wentworth. These four groups are responsible for the data collected. We will not share any personal information with government, other organizations that provide services to woodland owners, or anyone else. We will delete the data once it is no longer needed by us.

For more information about this survey or the landowner groups that prepared it, contact Andy Kekacs, executive director of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners & Operators Assocation, at 902-679-6637 or andy.nswooa@gmail.com.

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